The Who at Viejas Arena

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Viejas Arena | San Diego State University, California

Clear up your calendars for Wednesday 16th October 2019 because The Who is coming to San Diego. On that very day, the entire Viejas Arena will be dancing to the rhythms of this amazing artist in what might be one of the most outstanding music events of 2019. Do you like The Who as much as we do? If so, team up with your crew and make sure to grab your tickets in time as The Who has a history of selling out concerts. Don’t miss out on the live music concert everybody in California will be talking about for years to come! Get hold of your tickets now.

The Who at Viejas Arena

Welcome to the amazing entertaining world of The Who! The buzz of anticipation is spreading all around California as soon as word got out that this top class live concert performance by The Who is going to hit the stage on Wednesday 16th October 2019 at the Viejas Arena in San Diego. Wednesday evening just got a tonne more exciting! The Who has become the talk of the town as of late. Incredible press reviews and raves are spreading all over California about The Who's greatest hits. With that said, places could be gone anytime soon. You certainly won't want to afford to miss this. So, what is the delay? Unite the crew together and pick up your tickets ASAP!

The who hardly need an introduction as one of the world's most famous bands of all time, with their groundbreaking catalogue of music, they have had a huge influence on music, especially within the rock catergory, with songs such as; Pinball Wizard, My Generation, Behind Blue Eyes and so so many more, they were heavily involved with the life changing 60's British music scene, including the unforgettable film, Quadrophenia, released in 1979.

The Who transformed their career from an earlier band named the Detours, and re-established themselves as the pop art and mod movements were taking place in the UK. The Who were quickly known for their true "Rock" performances as they would destoy their instuments on stage. The Who's debut single "I Can't Explain", topped the UK charts in the top 10 and many of their singles to follow also took in the same footsteps, some of their biggest being of course "My Generation", "Substitute" and "Happy Jack". After their releases, The Who were also a big part in the festival circuit, with their free loving kind of spirit. Together they took to the greatest festival stages of all time, including the famous Woodstock in 1969.

Come and show your love now for The Who as they take to the road across North America and give their US fan base yet another incredible chance to catch them LIVE in concert! Tickets are available to book online above today, but they won't be around for long – secure yours before it's too late!

The Who at Viejas Arena

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