The Viejas Arena can hold up to 12,845 people for any big music concert.

The venue is a huge stadium like indoor arena. Please see the seating chart image below for an idea of a typical layout of an event. The layout of the arena may change and exact layout will be visible when purchasing your ticket for the event.

Viejas Arena Seating Chart

The Viejas Arena is hugely popular and we always suggest to get your tickets as early as possible.

The different colors on the above seating chart image represent the difference in price. With seats nearer the stage being higher priced than those further back.

Accessible Seating

Accessible Seating is available throughout the venue, with infra-red hearing devices available at the Box-Office. Please ensure you get inquire at least two months before attending an event, to inform the venue if you are in need of Sing interpreter.

To see a list of all the upcoming events, check out the Viejas Arena Schedule.